Feedback from customers
In lowering cholesterol 1

“My doctor told me I needed to decrease my cholesterol level. It was 7.5….. I had a blood test last week and my reading was down to 6.6 after 3 months”

“I have been drinking some every day for a month and decided to ask my GP if I could have my cholesterol re-tested. I’m delighted to say it has gone down from 6.9 to 5.3”

Endorsements: The People's Pharmacy
In arthritis 2

"This is one of our few five-star remedies because it is inexpensive and may do triple duty by relieving inflammation, increasing the flexibility of blood vessels and lowering cholesterol”

Understanding Key Terms
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1. Personal letters to Certo UK Ltd. from consumers of Certo - data held on file
2. Graedon J & Graedon T; Best Choices from The People's Pharmacy 2007
Information on allergies & safety
1.Certo is GM free
2.Certo is safe for those with an allergy to nuts
3.Certo is not suitable for those with allergy or sensitivity to SO2 (Sulphur Dioxide)

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